Dualtower is a radical new concept for wind tower structures. (Wind turbines)
It combines a new method of building a tower structure combined with the possibility
to store energy in the tower structure in the form of hydrogen gas.

It is possible because we are using CPV’s -Constructive Pressure Vessels- for the tower structure.

The CPV’s are made using commercially available materials (eg large diameter tubing) to assure having a cost efficient product.

The Dualtower can be advantageous for existing wind parks in a sense, that it offers balancing functions
(store excess of energy and make it available when there is a shortage) to the wind park and thus can increase the yield of the wind park as a whole.

Even more promising; installing clusters of Dualtowers in remote area’s with excellent and high wind occurrence and harvest the wind energy in the form of compressed hydrogen gas.


How do we harvest the energy ?

Dualtowers as energy buffers would be very efficient at locations with excellent wind conditions.
But these are often situated in remote regions, for example islands or deserts (eg Patagonia, Namibia)

But how to transport this energy to the end users?

It can be done with clusters of Dualtowers ;

The wind turbines run for example for a week, electrolyzers produce Hydrogen gas from pure water, this Hydrogen gas is than stored in the CPV’s of the Dualtowers.

In some other dedicated Dualtowers, Nitrogen gas is stored, produced by separating Nitrogen from the ambient air.

Once a week, a harvesting vessel will arrive; connect to the cluster and use the Hydrogen in a chemical reaction with the Nitrogen to produce Ammonia (NH3). This Ammonia is stored in the tanks of the vessel. Ammonia synthesis is one of the oldest chemical reactions, also called as Haber–Bosch process.

When the Dualtowers are emptied, the vessel will sail to next cluster till the harvesting vessel is full of Ammonia.

Ammonia in a liquid state is easier to transport, has a 50x higher hydrogen density than the hydrogen gas at 30 bars.

  • 1 m3 H2 at 30 bars = 2,47 kg
  • 1 m3 liquid NH3 = contains an equivalent of 121 kg hydrogen



Does it make sense using agricultural land to produce bio-fuels ?

Wouldn't it be smarter to install PV-panels or a Dualtower in non-agricultural area's and use the agricultural land for food production ?

This table compares the yields of 1 ha for several biofuel crops, 1 ha of photovoltaic cells (counting 10h of production per day, using electrolysis to convert electricity to hydrogen) and the production of hydrogen in one DualTower (using one electrolysis device (1.5MW), counting for 24/7 production over 200 days to account for periods with no wind) over the course of one year.

And fact is also that enegry storage in chemical energy has a much higher energy density than batteries.

Energy storage capacity-Lithium-battery-versus-hydrogen-and-ammonia.jpg

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